Commercial General Liability Insurance

Our Commercial General Liability Insurance Includes:


Liability insurance coverage will protect you, the insured from the risks of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and similar claims in the event you are sued for claims that come within the coverage of your insurance policy by someone suffering loss who is not a party to the insurance contract. (Third-party coverage)


Many of the public and product liability risks are often covered together under a general liability policy. These risks may include bodily injury or property damage caused by direct or indirect actions of the insured.


In general,damage caused intentionally as well as contractual liability are not covered under liability insurance policies. When a claim is made, the insurance carrier has the duty (and right) to defend the insured. The legal costs of a defense normally do not affect policy limits unless the policy expressly states otherwise; this default rule is useful because defense costs tend to soar when cases go to trial.


Sample General Liability Coverage:

  • Per Occurrence Limit – Maximum limit paid for any 1 occurrence throughout the policy term.
  • Aggregate Limit – Maximum Limit paid for ALL occurrences collectively throughout policy period.
  • Personal/Advertising Injury
  • Products/Completed Operations
  • Fire Legal
  • Medical Expense


Preferred Risk Agency LLC specializes in providing General Liability coverage to a diverse selection of industries including:

  • √ Contractors
  • √ Janitorial
  • √ Offices
  • √ Restaurants/Deli
  • √ Retail (many classes of retail shops
  • √ Transportation
  • √ Trucking
  • √ Warehousing...and more!

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